Easy Racers - A Tradition of Performance and Innovation
Easy Racers - A Tradition of Performance and Innovation

Coupled Frames

Take your Tour Easy, Aptera, Ti-Rush, or C-Rush anywhere! The S and S Coupling system that we use on these custom built frames makes transportation a cinch. An Easy Racer, set-up nearly any way, can be completely condensed into a 26" x 26" x 10" hard shell case through the use of the S and S couplers.

Quite simply, S and S couplers are precision lugs that one of our expert frame builders can install on any steel, titanium, or carbon fiber frame during the manufacturing process. This allows the frame to separate, either in half or into thirds, in just a matter of minutes.

As you may notice in the pictures below, the construction of coupled frames differs slightly from their non-coupled counterparts. We use a larger bottom tube to eliminate the need for the diagonal tube. This reduces the number of couplers needed to separate a bike, while maintaining the traditional Easy Racers feel. This, however, does not mean that we are unable to retrofit an older bike with couplers.

Give us a call to learn more about coupling your existing frame or to get a price estimate on a hand-built, coupled Easy Racer.



Model Stainless Steel Couplers (for Tour Easy Adventure, Gold Rush EVO or Aptera frames) Titanium Couplers (for Ti-Rush 2.0 or C-Rush 2.1 frames)
Price (Per Set of 2 Couplers, Installed on New Frame Only) $750 $1,250
Approx. Weight Added to Frame (Per Set of 2 Couplers, Installed) 415 grams 385 grams
Frame We are currently unable to couple the Tour Easy Classic, Gold Rush Replica, Fold Rush, or Javelin --
Seat Only the Sprinter seat is able to fit into the 26" x 26" x 10" hard case made by S and S --
Finish Any standard or custom finish that we offer on any particular model is available on its coupled counterpart. Frames that are retrofit with couplers must be re-finished by Easy Racers to retain their warranty. Price is dependant on the finish chosen --
Note Two sets of couplers (four total on frames built with couplers) need to be used on any Easy Racer that is going to fit into the 26" x 26" x 10" hard case --
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